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Salzmann Gian

Dr. Salzmann Gian

Salzmann Gian

Schulthess Klinik
Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery
Zurich, Switzerland

PD Dr. med. Gian Salzmann is currently consultant at the Lower Extremity Unit of Schulthess Klinik, Zurich, Switzerland. He underwent Orthopedics/Traumatology education at the Technical University of Munich, Professor Imhoff as well as Freiburg University, Professor Südkamp. He specializes in reconstructive knee joint surgery. He holds a research connection to Freiburg University, the AO Institute in Davos, to the ETH in Zurich, to Basel University Hospital and to Technische Universität München. His research focus is experimental Tissue Engineering using chondrocytes and stem cells and clinical outcome studies mostly following cartilage repair procedures also involving quantitative MR imaging methods. He has authored over 70 peer-reviewed publications. He is currently chair of the ICRS publication and communication committee. Furthermore he is co-president (together with his previous mentor from Freiburg University Professor Niemeyer) of the “Freiburger Knorpeltage“ an annual meeting at Freiburg University which will have 5-year anniversary in 2016.

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