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  • False Possitive or not

    Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with grade 1 chondromalacia patella in 2014, the MRT results also gave the same diagnosis. One year after this went to another doctor, who told me that grade 1 chondromalacia cannot be easily seen with an MRT and that what I had where pain after overuse of the patella during a trekking excursion. I had another MRT done to the knie and no signs of chondromalacia or where present, everything seemed normal on the exam results. Now the question is, how can I be sure if I have it or not. Arthroscopy seems to be a little too extreme just to be sure.ReplyF M
  • Football and Knee Injury

    I'm a person who's suffering from cartilage damage in the knee ( soccer...and im still 31 years old ) and i would like to know what is the best way for me to improve my health in that area. Im in very good shape but lately i feel more pain on the field.ReplySteven Konner
  • Options instead of Knee Replacement

    Hi, I am writing on behalf of my mum, who has quite severe osteoarthritis in her right hip joint and is keen to know whether cartilage repair is a viable option (instead of joint replacement). Do you know if anyone in Australia is involved in cartilage repair for osteoarthritis? Alternatively, is cartilage repair treatment being offered for hip osteoarthritis in other countries? If it isn't currently being offered as a treatment, is there a database to register your interest in being part of a clinical trial for osteoarthritis and cartilage repair? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in answering my questions. Kind regards, Andrew TaylorReplyAndrew Taylor
  • Nutritional Therapy??

    Hello, My name is Andrea, I am studying Nutritional Therapy in Bristol, UK, and I would like to know if there is anything a patient can do nutritionally, before and after having autologus chondrocyte implantation (stem cell regenerated cartilage) at the knee joint, in order to support its body accept the chondrocytes and lead to successful implantation. Any advice or guidance into research regarding nutritional support for this kind of operation would be greatly appreciated.ReplyAndrea
  • Great Information- Suggestion Needed

    Hello! I have had ongoing pains in my ankle for the past 5 years, I am looking at any kind of help to preserve or re generate damaged ankle cartilage. I know of fusion and ankle replacement but i am hoping for another option as i am very active. Are there any treatments that are less invasive?ReplyJane Godall
  • Cartilage injuries after ski

    I had an accident when I was 23 and my knee was hurt. Is there anyone who are similar age and successfully recovered?ReplyEdison

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