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Surgical Skills Course

Surgical Skills Course

The ICRS Skills courses are formated as an up-to-date meeting on the surgical techniques in cartilage repair. The techniques presented in the Course range from conventional treatment of microfractures to most recent developments in biomaterial-assisted cell transplantation. A treatment strategy is presented on how to assess and grade a cartilage defect and to plan an appropriate surgical approach to the individual problem of the patients.

ICRS Skills Courses are educational courses which will provide practical aspects of cartilage repair for the benefit of the patient. Surgical Skills Courses are the key for quality, safety and efficacy of cartilage repair procedures. International communication should help to standardize cartilage repair procedures bringing together experts in this field to explain and teach their experiences in surgical techniques.

Hands-on Workshops should allow the surgeons to develop their techniques and standardise the application of these procedures to increase clinical outcome. The itinerary is following a treatment strategy to assess the cartilage defect help finding an appropriate plan how to treat the patient.

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