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ICRS Focus Meeting - I am NOT Ready for Metal

The International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society is happy and proud to present another Focus Meeting that will take place in Humanitas University, Milan, Italy in December 2018. The focus of this meeting is quite provocative: “I am NOT Ready for Metal” and it is on a cutting-edge field regarding current state of art in  growth factors, scaffolds, cells and other joint preservation techniques for OA. A topic that everybody will be more and more interested in the near future. The course is dedicated to both basic scientists and orthopaedic practitioners.
During the meeting, participants will get a deep overview on joint preservation techniques, and also exposed to practical tips and tricks on their application. International renowned specialists and opinion leaders (clinicians and basic scientist) will give insights about what is coming from the bench, such as GFs and MSC application, biomarkers, unloading approaches, bone marrow edema, novel MR imaging methods and injectable biologic products. This Focus meeting will be enriched by RE-LIVE SURGERY SESSIONS, where innovative osteochondral and meniscal scaffolds, stem cells/bone marrow/adipose tissue concentrate techniques will be displayed. Hope to see you in Milan in December 2018!

Milan is not only the capital of fashion and design, but it is also home to some of the  most acclaimed art pieces in the world, from its Gothic Duomo to the elegant La Scala opera house, from  Renaissance masterpieces to avant-garde design. Milan is filled with museums, art galleries, churches and beautiful palazzi. Hidden away, on the walls of the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie’s refectory, you will find Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous fresco, the Last Supper. Both inside and out, the extravagant Duomo Gothic cathedral is a wonder to behold, with the largest stained-glass windows in the world. One of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious art schools, the Accademia delle Belle Arti, houses an impressive collections of Old Masters, including works by the Bellini brothers, Titian, Veronese and even non-Italians, such as Goya and Rubens. Christmas in Milan is truly a magical experience. The weather may be gloomy, but Milan is not, as the city is bedecked with Christmas trees, colored lights and sparkles, and there is a warm welcome to all!

The Christmas period in Milan isn’t just beautiful—it’s the perfect place and season to get some shopping done! One of the world’s most renowned shopping destinations, Milan lights up during the holidays with miles of designer stores, unique boutiques and outdoor markets, making it the perfect destination for getting through your Christmas list.

Elizaveta Kon, Maurilio Marcacci, Alberto Gobbi, Course Directors

In Collaboration with and Endorsed by:

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