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Parallel Workshop on Rehabilitation

December 14, 2018 (Fee 80.00 Euros)
14.00 – 17.30

Focus on Knee Rehabilitation: From the Aging Athlete to the Housewife
Moderators: Respizzi Stefano (IT), Massazza Giuseppe (IT), Gatti Roberto (IT)

14:00-15:00 Introduction
15 min Knee Preservation Surgery: From the Aging Athlete to the Housewife Marcacci Maurilio (IT), Iacono Francesco (IT)
15 min Return to Sport after Cartilage Surgery Espregueira-Mendes João (PT)
15 min Physiopatology and Rehabilitation of Arthrogenous Muscle Inibhition Gatti Roberto(IT)
15 min Movement Analysis Test: Evaluating Impairments and Planning Correct Neuromotor Training Boldrini Lorenzo (IT)
15 min Discussion


 15:00-16:15 Non Operative Treatment – Indications and Role of:
15 min Knee Rehabilitation Melegati Gianluca (IT)
10 min PRP Pereira Maria Teresa (IT)
10 min Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Zanon Giacomo (IT)
10 min PEMF Zanon Giacomo (IT)
10 min Shock Wave Therapy D’Agostino Maria Cristina (IT)
15 min Discussion

 16:15-16:30     Coffee Break and Industry Workshop: Watch & Try

 16:30-17:30 Post-Surgical Recovery
15 min Rehabilitation Protocols after Cartilage Surgery Tencone Fabrizio (IT)
 15 min New Frontiers: Gym, Green Room & on Field Rehabilitation Pisoni Davide (IT), Sacchi Andrea (IT)
 15 min Return to Sports after Surgery in ageing Athlete. Were we are today and were we are going Della Villa Stefano (IT)
15 min Discussion