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2nd ICRS Summit Zermatt, CH

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2nd ICRS Summit Zermatt, CH

We cordially invite ICRS members to apply for the opportunity of becoming a delegate and participant at the 2nd ICRS Summit Meeting

We cordially invite ICRS members to apply for the opportunity of becoming a delegate and participant at the 2nd ICRS Summit Meeting, which will be held in Zermatt, at 5300 ft. height, the most charming car free alpine mountain village with its iconic Matterhorn Mountain. It is myth and emblem for Alpinists and visitors alike, as well as Switzerland’s most famous landmark and symbol – Zermatt.

This will be an exclusive meeting with world-class speakers and intensive discussion designed to move the field forward in a new directions. Delegates will need to compete for the chance to attend as there will only be 50 places available (15 scientists, 15 clinicians, 15 industrial executives and 5 trainees). The registration fee for trainees will be subsidised as they will be provided with a travel bursary.

2nd ICRS Summit 2015 – “The Aging Cartilage”

Alexander Seiler Convention Center, Zermatt – Switzerland
(Organized by Chris Erggelet, Mats Brittberg & Anthony Hollander)

Resume: The second ICRS Summit, held in the beautiful ski resort of Zermatt, Switzerland, brought together 26 faculty and over 60 clinicians, scientists, students and industry experts to focus on the aging cartilage. With ‘Summit’ being quite literal, thanks to the Swiss Alps and the famous Matterhorn peak (reaching nearly 4,500 m), the programme, arranged over two days and 10 modules, featured presentations from leading experts in their field. With an emphasis on challenging horizons rather than reviewing the current state of the art, the intention of the meeting was to reach a consensus on what scientific, clinical and industrial work will need to be done if we are to make advances in providing new therapies for the treatment of cartilage lesions in older patients. At all times there was an emphasis on stimulating discussion, with many questions and even more hypotheses being raised following each presentation. And, as those in attendance will testify, this open discussion stretched right into the evening’s social programme, and no doubt onto the slopes afterwards! Overall, the two-day programme left attendees with many new questions, research directions and future explorations, therefore reaching its goal! With this in mind, we would like to personally thank all attendees for a truly ‘elevating’ Summit meeting, and we look forward to welcoming you next time.


We cordially invite ICRS…
2nd ICRS Summit Zermatt, CH