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Ballot – ICRS Bylaw Change Proposal

Elections to the ICRS Executive Board

Currently only actual General Board Members (Fellows) are electable for positions to the Executive Board. To increase the potential pool of experts for its governance & leadership, the Membership & Bylaw committee proposes, that in addition to the actual General Board Members, other members that have served on the General Board for the past 2 terms, may also candidate themselves to stand for election for the Executive Board positions Secretary General or Treasurer.

Composition of the ICRS Executive Board

In order to improve continuity within our society government and due to increased workload, the bylaw & membership committee proposes to enlarge the current Executive Board with one additional member by creating the new position of “2nd Vice President”. The “2nd Vice President” would than assume automatically the position of 1st Vice President for the next term.

The ICRS Executive Board and the ICRS General Board have intensively discussed the proposed changes and recommend to the ICRS membership to approve the proposed changes.

The Electronic Voting System will be open to receive your vote until November 3, 2014 at noon CET (Central European Time)

Members with voting right, you can login into the voting system here.

Elections to the ICRS…
Ballot – ICRS Bylaw Change Proposal