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ICRS Approved Course: Knee & Ankle Current Concept (7-8 Oct, 2016|Cracow)

We are pleased to announce the Knee & Ankle Current Concept as an ICRS approved Course.

The Knee & Ankle Current Concept will be held on October 7-8, 2016 in Krakow at Hotel Park Inn by Radisson. This symposium is organized by the joint powers of two well-known orthopedic hospitals:  St. Luke Hospital, Bielsko-Biała & Żeromski Specialist Hospital, Kraków

“Over the last decade, we have been observing increased physical activity among young and middle-aged people. That positive phenomenon is often associated with problems such as injuries and subsequent joint conditions. In order to be able to back to one’s passion, active people seek help of orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists, who frequently present very different therapeutic concepts to them.

In between physiotherapeutic/pharmacological therapy and orthopaedic surgery, there has recently developed an intermediary discipline of “REGENERATIVE MEDICINE.” The field gives patients new hope for painless recovery of function together with reconstruction of the damaged structures with the use of stem cells, growth factors, and other biologics. Unfortunately, the actual possibilities of regenerative medicine are overestimated just as often as they are underestimated.

This year’s Conference, prepared by two centres that specialize in the treatment of locomotion system, is aimed at presenting novel treatment methods for knee and ankle injuries, with reference made to diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations. We kindly invite you to listen to the opinions of highly-experienced specialists from Poland and abroad.

We would like to make a joint attempt at determining the boundaries of efficacious physiotherapeutic, pharmacological, biological and surgical treatment, depending on the patient’s age and physical activity. An important aspect of the conference will be the live transmissions of surgeries performed in our centres, presenting the potential of contemporary surgical treatment of the joints.

We cordially invite you to Krakow.”

On behalf of the organization committee: Professor Julian Dutka, MD, Paweł Skowronek, MD, PhD and Bogusław Sadlik, MD, PhD

We are pleased to…
ICRS Approved Course: Knee & Ankle Current Concept (7-8 Oct, 2016|Cracow)