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1300 members from 70 countries Join ICRS

GA Invitation to ICRS Members

ICRS Member’s General Assembly 2018
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 from 17:30 – 18:30
Sheraton Convention Center Macau, Room Almati 1

We look forward to seeing you at the World Congress in Macau and I am writing now to invite you to attend the ICRS General Assembly to hold on Wednesday, April 11 in Macau. It is vitally important that as many members as possible attend the General Assembly and take part in decision-making and approval processes.

ICRS Member’s General Assembly 2018

1) Opening Notifications – Ken Zaslav

2) Minutes of the last General Assembly 2016 – Ken Zaslav
(Enclosure: Minutes of the last General Assembly 2016)

3) President’s report on society activities – Ken Zaslav

4) Report on Elections of Executive Officers – Alberto Gobbi

5) Report of the Secretary-General: Report on Committee elections & Ratification of new standing committees – Elizaveta Kon

6) Motion to approve the election process – Elizaveta Kon

7) Treasurer’s Financial Report 2017 & Budget 2018 – Daniel Grande

8) Motion to approve the financial statement and grant discharge – Daniel Grande

9) Venue selection for ICRS 2019 (Vancouver, Canada) – Ken Zaslav; Bob McCormick

10) Motion to ratify the propoed host City Vancouver – Ken Zaslav; Bob McCormick

11) Proposed Society Name Change to International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society – ICRS (Ken Zaslav)

12) Motion to approve the proposed Society Name Change – (Ken Zaslav)

13) Short reports of different Standing Committee Chairs
a) Finances: – Tim Spalding
b) CARTILAGE Journal: Development Progress & Update – Mats Brittberg
c) Communications & Publication Committee – Stefan Nehrer
d) Registry Committee – Leela Biant
e) Basic Science Committee – Jos Malda
f) Membership and Bylaws (report on new Fellows) – Marcel Karperien
g) Fellowship Committee – Emanuel Papacostas

14) Address by the incoming President & strategic directions – Alberto Gobbi


Your presence is essential for the formal progress of our
society’s business!

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Macau, China

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Zaslav
ICRS President 2016-2018

ICRS Member’s General Assembly…
GA Invitation to ICRS Members