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Successful First in Man Trial for MSC-based Cartilage Repair

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Successful First in Man Trial for MSC-based Cartilage Repair

Review of “Allogeneic MSCs and recycled autologous Chondrons mixed in a one-stage cartilage cell transplantation: A first-in-man trial in 35 patients” from STEM CELLS by Stuart P. Atkinson

Previous studies from the laboratory of Daniel B. F. Saris (University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands) reported that a novel stem cell combination represented a safe and efficient means to repair cartilage in preclinical [1] and early clinical studies [2]. Their combination strategy involves allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that provide trophic support to stimulate the cartilage-producing activity of patient-derived chondrons (chondrocytes with their native matrix) isolated while preparing the damaged cartilage for repair.

This successful strategy has now progressed to the next level, and a study in STEM CELLS provides a comprehensive description of the first-in-man trial in 35 patients and an 18-month follow-up [3].

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