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The 4th ICRS-China Conference & the Inauguration of the ICRS-China

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The 4th ICRS-China Conference & the Inauguration of the ICRS-China

The 4th ICRS-China Conference jointly organized by the ICRS and Peking University Institute of Sports Medicine was held on October 23-24 at Beijing International Convention Center.

During this time, the ICRS-China Chapter was officially inaugurated with Prof. Ao Yingfang from Peking University Institute of Sports Medicine nominated as the President.


The first day lectures covered a wide spectrum of topics within the field of sports medicine including an overview of the history and evolution of sports medicine in China. Additional topics focused on ACL reconstruction, patellar instability, rotator cuff pathology and hip labral injuries. The second day began with the official inauguration ceremony of the ICRS-China Chapter, and was chaired by Yingfang, President of ICRS-China. Daniel Saris discussed the history of the ICRS-China relationship from the ICRS perspective. He applauded the work that has been done over the past 7 years and raised the challenges on continued cooperation. Nori Nakamura, current ICRS President, presented the letter of appointment to Yingfang, and the Vice-Presidents, Wei Xiaochun, Wang Daping, Jiang Qing, Wang You, Chen Liaobin, Guo Quanyi and Ouyang Hongwei. The first Standing Committee of ICRS-China consists of 28 leading surgeons and scientists engaged in cartilage repair from China. Nori Nakamura congratulated the inauguration of ICRS-China and reiterated ICRS’s strategy of global expansion. The ceremony concluded with Yingfang’s speech highlighting the significance and commitment of the ICRS-China Chapter to advance education and research of cartilage repair in China. After the ceremony, a full day of lectures followed addressing the basic science and clinical applications of cartilage repair. These talks focused on tissue engineering, radiological evaluation of cartilage repair, and surgical techniques including ACI.

Overall, this two-day joint scientific meeting and the inauguration of ICRS-China Chapter marked a milestone of the cooperation between the ICRS and China. With continued passion and commitment, we are confident that this relationship will serve to improve scientific exchange and promote cartilage repair in China as well as globally.

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The 4th ICRS-China Conference…
The 4th ICRS-China Conference & the Inauguration of the ICRS-China