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False Possitive or not

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with grade 1 chondromalacia patella in 2014, the MRT results also gave the same diagnosis. One year after this went to another doctor, who told me that grade 1 chondromalacia cannot be easily seen with an MRT and that what I had where pain after overuse of the patella during a trekking excursion. I had another MRT done to the knie and no signs of chondromalacia or where present, everything seemed normal on the exam results. Now the question is, how can I be sure if I have it or not. Arthroscopy seems to be a little too extreme just to be sure.

  • stem cell therapy

    Knee stem cell therapy reduces pain and cartilage repair. As a consequence, many people were able to improve their quality of life and avoid surgery. Knee stem cell therapy is invasive to a minimum. It is a procedure that can reduce inflammation, slow and repair all these forms of arthritis damage, and delay or prevent surgery to replace the knee. Simple methods can be used to extract adult stem cells from bone marrow or fat. Then, with image guidance, it is concentrated and injected into the knee, usually for successful results. Stem cell therapy using adult stem cells is safest due to the collection of stem cells from the body of the person as it reduces the chances of any kind of infection.Navya Sharma

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