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Great Information- Suggestion Needed

Hello! I have had ongoing pains in my ankle for the past 5 years, I am looking at any kind of help to preserve or re generate damaged ankle cartilage. I know of fusion and ankle replacement but i am hoping for another option as i am very active. Are there any treatments that are less invasive?

Jane Godall
  • MRI

    Hi! While I don't know what's the reason for your pain / probable cartilage damage, I can tell you, what happened to me. After a climbing accident a bit over a year ago (strained ankle, big impact, weeks on crutches, self therapy after the diagnosis that it's not broken), I came to a point where my ankle didn't improve. As it was obviously a trauma, a specialist decided that best or my case will be am AMIC treatment (Cartilage repair supported by bone perforation & a matrix plus fixation of bands). I had a big junk of cartilage missing as well as a 1mm free floating particle. There was no way of knowing for me, just the MRI showed the evidence to the doctor. I had the operation 2 weeks ago. It's super annoying but pain levels are constantly low or even non existent with very few bursts of pain. Got a removable plaster cast that is great as I started to remove it if not dangerous but keep it for sleeping. Recovery is supposed to be long & it pays out to not jeopardise recovery & take it easy. That said, go & let your foot check. It's a very different treatment if it non traumatic cartilage damage than an obvious trauma. I'm looking forward to have a pain free stable foot again even though it means some weeks without work, future rehab (starting after week 6) & probably 6 months till I can do all sports again. Luckily I was covered by insurance. The alternative to that would have been pain while walking (usually), no more running at all & an extremely high risk of Arthritis. There are many treatments but you have to get the right one for your problem. Do it if you can & it makes sense. Better some months without sport, there are many years to come! If you operate: Prepare yourself! Be fit, have somebody to care for you like a baby (cooking, washing clothes, etc) so you can recover holding your foot up & letting your body work on your wound. Eat well, weeks before & after the surgery. Don't work or work out. Don't smoke! Good luck! PS: there are supplements that claim to help with cartilage damage. Science is not supporting the claims very much. I do believe it might help to eat well to keep inflammation down & consume sufficient - better more than less- proteins. Turmeric/black pepper, ginger, Glucoses-Chondro-MSM, Omega 3, Vitamin D & K2 & Collagen might help (not even sure it does) but they don't do wonders!Amic m35

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