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Head of Department Hangody Laszlo

Hangody Laszlo

Uzsoki Hospital
Orthopedic & Trauma Department
Budapest, Hungary

László Hangody, MD, PhD, DSc, is a Clinical Professor at the Debrecen Medical School. He is Senior Consultant in the Orthopaedic Department at Uzsoki Hospital and at the Sanitas Private Clinic, also in Budapest.
Dr. Hangody completed his medical degree (1982) at Semmelweis University of Medicine; received his PhD (1994) and DSc (2000) degrees from the Hungarian Scientific Academy. His specialties are orthopaedics and traumatology. Dr. Hangodys research focuses primarily on the cartilage repair, revision surgery of anterior cruciate ligament deficient knees, and minimal invasive total hip and knee replacement. He has written a number of chapters and articles for the medical press and has been an invited lecturer at over 300 international scientific meetings. He serves on the editorial boards of The Knee; Endoscopy and Minimal Invasive Therapy; Arthrocopy and Joint Surgery; Hungarian Journal of Orhopaedics and Trauma. He is an instructor of the PhD program of the Semmelweis Medical School and the Debrecen Medical School.

Dr. Hangody is the past president of the Hungarian Orthopaedic Association, the elect president of the Hungarian Arthroscopic Society and a Honorary Member of the Arthroscopy Association of North America. He is a member of the SICOT, AAOS, ESSKA, ISAKOS and ICRS.