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Derek Handley

Derek Handley

I now no longer have sleepless nights and find myself pain free

Derek Handley

“Having competed for several years in triathlon up to Ironman distance and on several occasions represented Great Britain as an age group athlete, in November 2005 I found myself in severe pain in the right knee. The joint had swollen severely and on occasions became immobile (stiffness). This eventually rescinded, however I was left with what I describe as toothache like pain in the knee joint which left me with numerous sleepless and or interrupted nights of rest. I tried different pain relief methods, the usual ones such as ibuprofen and paracetamol. I also tried running aids such as knee supports and strapping.

None of the above worked in totally relieving the symptoms and so I self referred to physiotherapy. They ran a course of physio and also tried acupuncture, but still I was in pain and swelling occurred if I tried to exercise anywhere near the level at which I had previously been capable. I persevered and self treated for some 18 months before attending my general practitioner for treatment. My attendance was due to more and more sleepless nights with knee pain.

He referred me to Mr Prakash.  After consultation with him and his request for x-rays and a MRI scan I was found to be grade 3-4 arthritis in the right knee.

Mr Prakash told me about autologous chondrocyte transplant. He explained that it was a relatively new procedure in surgical terms and that early cases had shown success and return to normal lifestyle although not 100%. This was now October 2008 when I elected to go forward with the autologous chondrocyte transplant. I had my operation in February 2009.  I have been privileged to have had the surgery (autologous chondrocyte transplant) and to have enjoyed the results.

I need to explain the quality of life the surgery has given me back. I now no longer have sleepless nights and find myself pain free. I have been walking on average 5 miles a day since summer of 2009. I now cycle again, committing to a training schedule with my ultimate aim to pick up my passion for Triathlon, although not at Ironman distance.

I have begun running regularly on grass having learned the lessons the hard way of running on hard unforgiving surfaces for so many years. I owe all this rejuvenation to my knee surgery (autologous chondrocyte transplant). I would recommend this surgery for similar problematic knee joint injuries or ailments and have no hesitation in recommending Mr Prakash to friends, family, and sporting colleagues”

– Derek Handley, West Midlands