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Rafael Ventura

Rafael Ventura

I was without hope...

Rafael Ventura

Regenerative Celular Therapy helped me with muscle tears and thorax injuries

For many years since I was a little boy I practiced several martial arts until finally I found the one for me in which I did pretty much of my training. It is called Koreana, Han Kido from Korea.
I guess like every kid in the World I felt invencible, didnt worry about the future , and the injuries my body had to endure. I always pushed my body beyond a reasonable point. Around 8 years ago practicing Krav- Maga, a self-defense martial art, when seeking an opponent for practice for a simulated fight, I decided to choose the biggest opponent possible! My opponent was so tall I could not reach his shoulder . I was able to overthrow him on several occasions using different keys. Suddenly I did a technical mistake using to much force, then felt a terrible pain ,and realized I suffered a very serious injury, causing a big tear on my medial Gastrocnemius muscle in the posterior region of my leg. I think the Soleous muscle was also involved. Moreover I teared apart the intercostal muscles on the right side of my Thoracic Wall. This injury left me unable to continue training, even to a point that I had to quit any type of exercise including weights in the gym. Everytime I found myself tryng to do any kind of exercise my body reminded me of my injuries. Could you imagine how sad and devastated I was.

There I was one year ago driving my mother to a stem cell treatment at the Osteoartritis Specialty Center headed by Dr Daniel Kleiman in Santiago. I asked him about my case , my hopeless situation. We then discussed the possible strategy. He told me that the use of PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma ,plus Growth Factors could be a good alternative in order to seek self repair of the lessions. I never heard of that treatment possibility for me. I agreed ,and underwent the protocol used by Dr Kleiman.

Looking back I believe it was a great decision.  Therapy itself was virtually painless and the results came up quickly in a matter of weeks . I waited for a month before enrolling at the gym at the doctor s request.  I have not had ANY PAIN AGAIN. I take care of my body. Follow without hesitation the recomendations given by Dr Kleiman to avoid injuries.
My only regret is that no doctor before told me about the Regenerative Celular Therapies which are available and others under investigation nowadays in the world . Now I am back doing exercise and trying to forget the sedentary and sad years I spent.

Thank you ICRS for letting me tell my story . Special thanks to Dr Daniel Kleiman, I believe a well known member of the ICRS organization.
I hope deep in my heart to help someone somewhere.

Rafael Uri Ventura Garces, Santiago, Chile
Monday December 7th. 2015