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CartilagE-book (ICRS)

Authors: Elizaveta Kon, Massimo Berruto, Vincenzo Condello, Giuseppe Peretti, Mario Ronga, Guest Editor: Mats Brittberg

Digital Version: 456 pages

Published: June /2015

Language: English

ISBN 10: 9788871419862

ISBN 13: 978-88-7141-986-2

Publisher: CIC Edizioni Internazionali srl,

Available through iBook Store, or


Cartilage disorders treated through a new editorial format: not a traditional book, nor a PDF e-book, but an I-BOOK, or interactive book. Each of its 20 chapters, which cover a range of topics from functional anatomy to the relevant literature, gives an in-depth insight into the world of cartilage. Throughout the book, the text is enriched with summaries, interactive tables, take-home messages, references that allow you to directly call up the relevant abstract and, above all, an iconography that includes galleries of images in sequence and high-quality videos, which make the content even more interesting and instructive. With contributions from leading international authors on the topic of cartilage, CartilagE-book is a new and revolutionary learning tool, Available at a very affordable price of €29.99.



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