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Other Cartilaginous Parts of the Body
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Other Cartilaginous Parts of the Body

As well as being found in the joints and the discs of the spine, cartilage makes up entire parts of the body. Typically, cartilage is used in passageways into the body that are kept permanently open. These include the nose, the outer ear and the tubes of the lungs, known as the bronchioles.

The nose forms the outer part of the respiratory tract. The bony part is made up of the bony nasal septum, the nasal bones, and parts of the maxillae, palatine and frontal bones. The cartilaginous part consists of two lateral cartilages, two alar cartilages and a septal cartilage.

The nose includes the nasal cavity and paranasal (’around the nose’) sinuses, among other structures. The external part of the nose consists of:

The outer ear consists of the pinna, or ear lobe, and the external auditory canal. These funnel sound waves towards the eardrum, or tympanic membrane, which vibrates to allow sound to be heard. The pinna is also protects the eardrum from damage.

Problems related to these other cartilaginous parts for the body are mostly treated by surgeons specialising in the specific area (e.g. head and neck surgeons).

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