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ICRS Patient Registry

ICRS Patient Registry

Welcome to the ICRS Patient Registry


Our mission is to create the best source of unbiased outcomes data for treatments of painful articular cartilage lesions in the world, which is paramount for improvement of existing and discovery of new cartilage repair strategies, ultimately beneficial for millions of patients around the world.

The ICRS Registry is a mechanism of allowing you and your doctor to track your individual progress following diagnosis and/or treatment of your knee problem. It is suitable for anyone with cartilage damage, whether or not the cartilage damage itself is treated. The response of patients to cartilage damage and treatments can be variable, treatments can also be forefront of medical advances, many are expensive. It is vital to you and your doctor that your progress is monitored. With your permission, the ICRS Registry makes your data anonymous so you cannot be personally identified, and pool together large numbers of patients results so that doctors around the world have the most accurate picture of which techniques are working best in which patients.

This helps patients of the future with similar injuries or cartilage problems, and rapidly identifies treatments that are showing great benefit, those that may not be performing as well as hoped, and also what happens naturally if nothing is done. The registry is currently set-up for Knee Problems but other joints will be added in due time. The actual system language is English but we have translated the system into Japanese, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Greek. We are currently translating into German, Swedish & Chinese. These Languages will be added by the end of 2019.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ICRS / Amplitude is processing your personal data under the lawful basis of legitimate interests under instruction from our registry, hospital and other clinical customers

Annual Registry Report 2018

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Registry Contact / Information 

Laura Asplin,
University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire
United Kingdom

Laura Asplin is a Specialist Research Physiotherapist at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire, UK. Laura has clinical experience from elite sport and public health systems combined with registry knowledge from the UK National Ligament Registry. Her research focus is knee based; specifically around meniscus transplantation and cartilage repair. Laura is experienced in both internal research projects and industry sponsored research. The ICRS Registry is continuing to grow and evolve. Laura is keen to work with surgeons and industry partners to help build the registry into a robust data collection and outcome tool.

Registry Steering Committee

McNicholas Mike Emans Pieter Goodrich Laurie Karperien Marcel Gracitelli Guilherme Snow Martyn Carey James Martin Robin

Registry Advisory Board

Erggelet Christoph Angele Peter Saris Daniel BF Bak Peter Sisler Jennifer ICRS Patient Registry Woodell-May Jennifer Natsiou Despoina ICRS Patient Registry

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