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Educational Events

Educational Events

The purpose of ICRS is charitable: The ICRS is a forum for international collaboration in cartilaginous tissue research by bringing together basic scientists and clinical researchers engaged or interested in the field of cartilage biology and cartilaginous tissue engineering. The link between laboratory work and the daily treatments of patients in a clinical setting is very important. To serve its purpose, the ICRS organizes international congresses and various events, publishes journals, and provides a universal educational platform to stimulate education and research within the field of cartilage repair. Furthermore, the society supports research projects, scholarships, traveling fellowships and etc.

ICRS World Congress

The ICRS World Congress is held every 18-month, turning around Europe, Asia and Noth America, and it is the largest gathering of scientists, clinicians, industry and many others who share their common interests and passion about cartilage. The desire to ultimately aid patients with pre-arthritis who would be otherwise doomed to an arthritic future is what drives us all to seek the holy grail of cartilage repair—true hyaline cartilage.

The next ICRS World Congress is reaching out to cartilage scientists, surgeons, and industry leaders of all nations, join us in Sitges / Barcelona, Spain from Sept 09-12, 2023.

Watch Video Impressions from Past ICRS World Congresses

Focus Meetings

The ICRS Focus Meetings concentrate on one specific joint or topic, following the idea that a complete and in-depth understanding of the joint function and associated pathologies are a prerequisite for successful cartilage repair. Technology advances with brilliant ideas and critical questions. Let’s get together and shape the future.

The next ICRS Focus Meeting is in Thessaloniki, Greece from June 23-25, 2022.

Surgical Skills Course

The ICRS Skills courses are formated as an up-to-date meeting on the surgical techniques in cartilage repair. The techniques presented in the Course range from conventional treatment of microfractures to the most recent developments in biomaterial-assisted cell transplantation. A treatment strategy is presented on how to assess and grade a cartilage defect and to plan an appropriate surgical approach to the individual problem of the patients.

ICRS Skills Courses are educational courses that will provide practical aspects of cartilage repair for the benefit of the patient. Surgical Skills Courses are the key to the quality, safety, and efficacy of cartilage repair procedures. International communication should help to standardize cartilage repair procedures bringing together experts in this field to explain and teach their experiences in surgical techniques. Hands-on Workshops should allow the surgeons to develop their techniques and standardize the application of these procedures to increase clinical outcomes. The itinerary is following a treatment strategy to assess the cartilage defect help finding an appropriate plan for how to treat the patient.

Summit Meeting

The idea of a Summit is based on the well-established “Gordon” and “Keystone” conferences that bring together a select group of experts to discuss key scientific topics/themes. The Summit will include a small invited Faculty and delegates, ideally including 15 basic scientists, 15 clinical scientists, 15 industry experts, and 5 graduate students/trainees (at subsidized cost).  We expect that there will be more applicants than places available in each category and therefore those wishing to become delegates will most likely need to compete for the available places.  This will be through the submission of a short statement about their contribution to the field of Cartilage Repair and to ICRS. The Summit will include a mixture of traditional lectures, extended discussion, and debates on provocative themes.  Each day will end with a wrap-up session where delegates and Faculty will together explore the ideas that have emerged.  The intention is to stretch the limits of our thinking and challenge our preconceptions. It will look to new and challenging horizons rather than reviewing the current state of the art. The intention is to reach a consensus on what scientific, clinical, and industrial work will need to be done if we are to make advances in providing new therapies for the treatment of cartilage lesions in osteoarthritis patients.

The next ICRS Summit Meeting will be hold in Italy in 2024.

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