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The Cartilage & Joint Preservation Foundation, Inc

The Cartilage & Joint Preservation Foundation, Inc

The “Cartilage & Joint Preservation Foundation, Inc” was established in November 2020 to support the advance of information and techniques to improve the science and knowledge for surgeons treating patients with early arthritis and damage to the articular surface in joints. Contributors to the Foundation support new directions in education, research and transmission of information cartilage repair and joint preservation. The foundation is receiving donations from members and organisations.

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To promote research and education in the field of cartilage repair and joint preservation.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Founder Donors

We are very grateful to the companies who have contributed to the Foundation in its earliest stage:

Certification & Articles

Certificate of Incorporation (PDF)

Tax-Exempt Determination Letter (PDF)


Grants will be available from the Foundation at specific time periods to be announced.

Applications will be encouraged for:

Grants may include:

Contact for Donations & Gifts

Individual and corporate donations, legacy gifts, charitable gift annuities can be made by contacting Tim Spalding at: