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Standing Committees

Standing Committees

The purpose of a standing committee is to assist in the management of the society carrying out a continued and permanent administrative or scientific function and summarise the results of its activities in an annual report and present this report if required at the next general assembly. Standing committees include, but may not be limited to the following committees: Education Committee, Communication Committee, Membership Committee, Scientific Programme Committee, Meeting Committee, Financial Committee and Basic Scientists Committee.

New standing committees may be initiated by the General Board and must be ratified by the General Assembly. Standing committees may be dissolved by the General Board and this decision must be ratified by the General Assembly. Standing committees, including its Chairperson, are composed of at least 5 members. The total membership number for each committee will be dependent on the working needs of that committee. Members shall be restricted to serve in 1 standing committee at a time. However members of Emeritus Committee and the current Scientific Programme Committee past co-chairs  may serve in 1 additional committee. Members of Emeritus Committee cannot be Chair of the additional committee.

Committees shall strive to have equal representation of clinicians and scientists

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