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ICRS Centers of Excellence for Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation

An ICRS teaching centre is the recommended place-to-go to for unique one-on-one learning experiences and practical advice from world leading experts on current state-of-the-art cartilage repair surgical techniques, patient evaluation and non-operative treatment of cartilage injury. These sights also serve as outstanding professional development experiences for fellows, residents & students (ICRS members), interested in improving their practical skills in this field. From basic science to clinical applications, from cell based therapies to osteochondral allografts & scaffolds, from osteotomies to meniscal transplants, from patient case evaluation, radiographic evaluation, to clinical outcomes, the ICRS Teaching Centres are here to help our members improve their skills in an internationally recognized learning environment

Re-Evaluate an Existing Centre of Excellence

Find an Centre of Excellence

There are 2 Different Types of  Centres

1. Clinical Setting

The clinical cartilage repair teaching centres are worldwide leading institutes, dedicated to diagnostics, clinical evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cartilage damage, ranging from isolated cartilage defects to early / advanced arthritis. Clinical Teaching Centre’s staffs have expertise in performing a high number of different cartilage repair procedures and effective non-operative interventions. Treatment options may include a wide range of procedures: autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), osteochondral allograft transplantation, meniscal transplantation, autologous osteochondral transfer (mosaicplasty, OATS) osteotomies, ligament reconstruction and other minimally invasive treatments as well as appropriate rehabilitation.

2. Combined (Basic Science & Clinical Setting)

Its mission extends beyond patient care, including clinical and basic science research to improve patient outcome and to develop the next generation of cartilage repair procedures. Our laboratory teaching centres provide a number of procedures and techniques related to investigation of cells, biomaterials, histology, biomechanics, animal models and how to translate laboratory findings to clinical products or new procedures for cartilage repair.

Selection Criteria

To become an ICRS approved ICRS Teaching center any applicant should meet the below selection criteria:

  1. Educational / ICRS Commitment: at least one member of the candidate institute must be an active ICRS member/fellow for greater than 5 years with validated participation in the ICRS and its educational events.
  2. Scholarship Programmes: The teaching centers must offer the possibility to ICRS members to visit and participate to teaching activities and scholarship programmes of the centres in question.
  3. Scientific Activities: The Teaching Center should have publications in indexed journals related to cartilage in the last three years and have academic activity i.e. hosting- organizing ICRS approved courses – seminar and/or oral presentation- lecture from members of the teaching center related to joint preservation and cartilage regeneration
  4. Clinical Excellence:The T.C must perform a high volume of advanced surgeries in one or more of the following areas: arthroscopy, cartilage and cartilage related surgeries (cell-based therapy, osteochondral allograft, and advanced scaffolds) and/or of concurrent procedures (osteotomies, meniscal repair/ transplantation)
  5. Basic Science Research: the Teaching center can be additionally a laboratory teaching center in this case must provide several procedures and techniques related to investigation of cells, biomaterials, histology, biomechanics, animal models and how to translate laboratory findings to clinical products or new procedures for cartilage repair.
  6. Reputation, References: Application must contain two references from long term ICRS Members involved in our Committees activities.
  7. Language: The Teaching Center spoken languages must include English

Approval Process:

Once the application is submitted through the online link below, the office will send the application to the Fellowship & Scholarship Committee Chair that, together with the committee members, should analyze the requirements.  In case the requirements are not fulfilled or there are some concerns (i.e. reputation), the Executive Board should be informed and will help to make a final decision.

How to apply:

If you are interested in becoming an approved ICRS Teaching Centre and sharing your expertise with others throughout the world, please apply online here.


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