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German Cartilage Club

German Cartilage Club

German Cartilage Club

Dr. Otto-Seidel-Str. 31-33

Philip P. Rößler

Founded in: Nov 29, 2019

We are pleased to announce the foundation of the ICRS German Cartilage Club under the patronage and with the help of the “Qualitätskreis Knorpel-Repair & Gelenkerhalt e.V.“ (QKG) and the “Deutsche Knorpelakademie”.

Our Club will serve as an interface between clinicians, clinicianscientists, basic-scientists and other medical professionals (physiotherapists, etc) and will act as a standing committee of QKG to advance scientific projects in the field as a interdisciplinary group effort. For now, Lucienne Vonk (Berlin) will represent the basic-scientists and Philip Roessler (Bonn) will represent the clinician-scientists. We are approaching potential club members of all different specialties and professions right now and want to constitute ourselves in adjunct
to the Spring board meeting of QKG in April 2020.