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Amsterdam UMC

Amsterdam UMC

Meibergdreef 9
1105AZ Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. G.M.M.J. Kerkhoffs
+31 20 5662172

Data on Clinical/Research Center

We are a Clinical Center: yes
We are a Research Center: yes
We are both: yes
In University Programme: yes
Private Practice Programme: no
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: Dutch

Please provide a general description of your program:

The department of orthopaedic surgery of the Amsterdam UMC is an orthopaedic sports medicine clinical and research institute embedded in both the Academic Center for Evidence-based Sports medicine (ACES) and the Amsterdam Ankle Cartilage Team. Our program has officially been accredited as an Expert Centre for the treatment of foot and ankle cartilage injuries in 2018 by the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU). We provide world-class state-of-the-art multidisciplinary medical care for patients of all ages and (professional) athletes, conduct elite level research and stimulate knowledge transfer through educational programs. Our program focuses on both the clinical and research part of the injured patient with a cartilage lesion. We provide an individualized evidence-based treatment algorithm based on patient and radiological characteristics. Through this, we are able to choose the most effective treatment option for the patient. Over the past decade, multiple novel surgical interventions have been developed and proven effective in our algorithm. Our treatment algorithm is supplemented with an inventive minimally invasive arthroscopic technique – the Nanoscope which is a novel system that is used for instant diagnostic imaging and less invasive arthroscopic procedures. This novel technique is accompanied by a strong research line. Our clinical care for patients goes hand in hand with high-quality research guided by increasing insights in diagnosis and (minimally invasive) treatment from the latest scientific research. Our current (research) team is highly active and consists of multiple (associate) professors, 3 post-doctoral researchers, 7 PhD-candidates, and more than 20 students conducting scientific research. The active nature of our team has led to the production of more than 100 cartilage-related publications over the past decade.

Training/Techniques are available

Approximate Annual Case Volumes

Knee Procedures: 200
Hip Procedures: 00
Foot & Ankle Procedures: 350
Shoulder Procedures: 00
Advanced Cartilage Repair techniques: 200

Opportunities, Experiences and Location of the Teaching Center

Scientific Research Opportunities Available:

There is a large diversity of research projects currently ongoing. We have a high number of important pillars which we research as incremental cartilage damage in the ankle: the cascade analogy. Hence, we research the (primary and secondary) prevention, diagnosis and (after-)treatment of very early cartilage damage, osteochondral lesions and end-stage osteo-arthritis. Furthermore, we have developed novel surgical techniques that are now standard care, such as Fixation Procedures of fragmentous osteochondral lesions and Autograft Procedures including osteoperiostic grafts from the iliac crests, and we continuously are researching novel innovative (preventive) interventions. Besides this, we are currently performing Randomized Controleld Trials (RCTs) for cartilage lesions of the ankle. Visitors are more than welcome to become a member of our diverse research team and provide innovative novel ideas.

Describe your participation in past ICRS educational, hosting or society events

Our institution participated as Invited Faculty in several ICRS Conferences. We have acted as guest-editors of the Cartilage Journal (2 times) through an intensive collaboration with Professor Brittberg (Editor in Chief of the Cartilage Journal). Our institution has also participated in numerous consensus meeting projects held by the International Society for Cartilage Repair of the Ankle (ISCRA). Furthermore, our members have been ICRS members for an extended time and our members are part of the Editorial Board as well as reviewers for the Cartilage Journal and the Journal of Cartilage & Joint Preservation (JCJP).

Can your center provide free or reduced-cost accommodation through your institute?


Who should be contacted:

Ellen Rolleman (ortsec@amc.nl) – Secretary Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Nearest Airport to your institution is

Schiphol Airport