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Orthobiologics Tonight! Focal Chondral Defects

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Orthobiologics Tonight! Focal Chondral Defects

The Biologic Association (BA) is an orthopaedic organization dedicated to providing one voice for all matters on musculoskeletal biologics and regenerative medicine. Since ICRS is a Founding Members of the BA we want to share an upcoming complimentary educational opportunity provided by the BA.


Hosts: Jorge Chahla, MD, PhD, Rachel M. Frank, MD and Seth L. Sherman, MD

Special Guests: Joanne P. Borg-Stein, MD, Andreas Gomoll, MD, Adam Yanke, MD, Daniel B. F. Saris, MD, PhD, and Jack Farr, MD

Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021 8:30pm EDT

Rationale for Biologics
Debate: Conservative, Radical and Party Line
Rapid Fire Discussion


More about the BA:

The BA was founded in 2018 with a purpose to unite and critically evaluate the current evidence for biologics and regenerative medicine, in order to encourage responsible use of therapies, facilitate rigorous study of treatment outcomes in order to establish the scientific basis for regenerative medicine therapies, and discourage the widespread indiscriminate use of unproven therapies. With numerous voices both nationally and internationally weighing in, the BA’s intention is to provide a unified voice and to offer insight through the development of reporting standards and research that can help physicians and their patients better understand the existing and future clinical application of biologic therapies. If you haven’t already, we invite you to create a complimentary user account at

The Biologic Association (BA)…
Orthobiologics Tonight! Focal Chondral Defects